The cause and symptom of diabetes

In this article, we will look at The cause and symptom of diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic hormonal disease with high blood sugar levels known as Type 1 diabetes.

Genetic disease caused by defective genes that produce chemicals and mainly affect young adults and adolescents.

Definition and cause of diabetes

There are two types of diabetes: insulin and insulin resistance, the body’s ability to react to insulin, the hormones produced by the pancreas.

Type 2 diabetes is the result of hormone deficiency that causes high blood sugar.

It is known as adult diabetes and a more common form of diabetes, but it is also called type 2 diabetes because it does not respond to hormones and increases blood sugar levels.

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common lifestyle diseases among people around the world today.

This is mainly due to high blood sugar and insulin levels, which are hormones that cause insulin resistance.

It is also unfortunate because it can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and even death-The cause and symptom of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is difficult to manage, while type 2 diabetes can be controlled by simple changes in daily life.

The most common symptoms of diabetes are high blood sugar, increased thirst, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue.

diabetic symptoms

Today, diabetes is prevalent all over the world, and India has become the capital of diabetes in the world.

The most common form of diabetes is type 1 diabetes, also known as adult diabetes due to insulin deficiency in the body.

Type 2 diabetes and type 4 diabetes are hereditary Hyperlipidemia Blog.

This is the result of genetic diseases that cause insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels in children and adults.

It is mainly caused by insulin deficiency and high blood sugar in children and adults with type 2 diabetes and type 4 diabetes.

Diabetes has been a major threat in recent decades, but it is still spreading horribly around the world.

Type 2 diabetes can increase blood sugar levels in children and adults, especially pregnant women, if left untreated.

If a woman is pregnant, her blood sugar level can rise to 1,000 every day, and if not treated, complications such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure can occur.

Many factors, such as obesity, high blood sugar, and malnutrition, cause serious burdens of disease.

Blood sugar and insulin

As you age, several physiological functions are impaired, including your body’s ability to use insulin effectively.

A defective gene can contribute to type 1 diabetes, and certain genetic combinations can increase or decrease the risk of this type of diabetes.

According to a British health report, adults with larger waist sizes are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than adults with smaller waist sizes.

The report found that adults over 65 had a 50% higher chance of developing Type 1 diabetes. If your parents have diabetes, you should pay special attention to your lifestyle.

According to the report, adults with larger waist sizes are twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes as adults with larger waist sizes.

Small environmental changes such as dietary changes can increase the risk of diabetes, according to a study by Stanford University Medical Center.

Researchers say the so-called environmental cues for diabetes outweigh the best genetic indicators scientists have found High blood pressure.

Scientists say people of certain ethnicities are more vulnerable to type 2 diabetes, but neither are Native Americans nor Pacific islanders.

The disease is one of the most common types of diabetes in the United States, and scientists say it is more common in people with low blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol.

Dietary habits have a significant impact on diabetes development, but life habits, especially smoking, play an important role.

According to the American Heart Association, one of the most feared complications associated with high blood sugar is heart disease.

Nicotine in cigarettes increases the risk of heart disease by narrowing and hardening blood vessels.

Therefore, smoking is very important for everyone, especially those with high blood sugar levels.

The digestive system breaks down the food you eat into glucose and the blood absorbs the glucose into a hormone called insulin.

Insulin is made from beta cells in the pancreas.

Diabetes occurs when the body cannot produce or use the hormone effectively.

The reasons are as follows: Sometimes the immune system recognizes antigens produced by insulin beta cells, destroys them, forms antibodies, and encourages them to produce antigens.

Diabetes is often diagnosed after most cells have been destroyed, in which case the patient must take insulin every day to survive.

Here are some exercise tips for diabetics because lack of exercise and obesity can be the main causes of type 2 diabetes.

Studies show that only 30 minutes of physical activity reduces the chance of developing diabetes by 30 percent.

Therefore, include activities such as hiking and biking on your daily trip.


Definition of hypertension

Hypertension, also known as hypertension, is a common condition that occurs when arterial pressure is higher than normal or too high Definition of hypertension.

Definition of hypertension

Blood pressure is the force of the blood that presses against the artery wall when the heart pumps blood through the body.

When blood pressure reaches a dangerous level, more headaches and nosebleeds may occur than usual.

Most hypertension patients have no symptoms or signs, but if left untreated, they can lead to heart failure, stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, and even death.

Factors such as high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, high blood pressure, stroke and heart failure can increase the likelihood of developing high blood pressure.

Young people, including children and teenagers, have a high risk of hypertension and hypertension.

According to the American Heart Association, 70% of adults over 65 suffer from high blood pressure and are at high risk of heart disease, stroke and heart failure.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the family history of hypertension increases the risk of disease in families.

In African-American adults, high blood pressure is a major cause of heart disease, stroke and heart failure in African-American adults.

As the amount of blood circulating through the vessels increases, so does the pressure on the arterial wall.

As a result, more blood is needed to provide oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, and the pressure in the arteries increases. Get information from high blood pressure blog

Obesity, especially abdominal obesity, also increases arterial stiffness and increases blood pressure.

Lack of Exercise People have a higher risk of heart disease, stroke and stroke complications than physically active people Definition of hypertension.

Not exercising can increase the risk of being overweight and cause cardiovascular disease and heart failure.

Also, tobacco chemicals can damage the inner walls of the artery walls, thus narrowing the arteries and increasing blood pressure.

Second-hand smoking can also increase blood pressure.

If you smoke or chew, your blood pressure will temporarily rise.

Research is limited, but vitamins affect enzymes produced in the kidneys, which is thought to affect blood pressure.

Drinking more than two cups a day for men and one for women a day can increase blood pressure, and drinking too little can be harmful.

Potassium helps balance the amount of sodium in cells, but it can increase blood pressure if you do not take enough potassium.

According to the American Heart Association, the body maintains body fluids in blood that increases blood pressure.

Stress and severe stress can temporarily increase blood pressure, but stress itself can also cause long-term increases.

All of these factors can contribute to high blood pressure, from excessive eating and drinking to stress, smoking and smoking.

Pregnancy itself can lead to increased blood pressure, but can be affected by various factors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

The sudden occurrence of high blood pressure due to a recognizable disease is called secondary hypertension.

This is more pronounced in women who suffered from high blood pressure, family mild kidney disease, smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, diabetes or heart disease in previous pregnancies.

Women who take contraceptives have the highest risk of hypertension than women who do not.

If a woman is overweight, smoking, high blood pressure, or a previous pregnancy, the risk of high blood pressure may be higher.

Here are some drugs that can negatively affect blood pressure and cause heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, or other health problems.

Some drugs, such as contraceptives, aspirin, ibuprofen, and other drugs, are taken to control hypertension.

The drug also affects the body’s ability to lower cholesterol, which can increase blood pressure and complications Definition of hypertension.

Some drugs operate by altering the body’s response to mood-impacting chemicals such as antidepressants, antidepressants, and antidepressants.

These drugs, along with other drugs, can change the body’s reaction to mood-changing chemicals.

Some drugs, including cough, cold, and allergy medications, are known to increase blood pressure and change the effect of the drug on hypertension.

Some examples are made of chatterboxes and can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, vomiting, and increased blood pressure.

Hormones of contraception can also affect blood pressure, and women who take them usually experience higher and lower levels of increase determined by blood pressure control.

Hormone therapy also relieves menopause symptoms, but can cause the same problem. I have high blood pressure, and the downside is.



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